Sound and lighting is our passion.

Custom video system installation and repair specialists

E-lite offers video system installation and repair services.

A fully functioning video system

We have all the means and resources at our disposal (design office, technical team, workshop...) to assist you in your video system installation, maintenance and repair needs.

We attach great importance to your needs and carry out our work according to your specifications. For more than 25 years, we have worked on various residential and commercial buildings in the vicinity of Boucherville and Longueuil (South Shore of Montreal).

 Our technicians work according to the required specifications.


Custom video system Boucherville

Let our video system professionals assist you

Our specialists install your equipment, make the necessary adjustments and provide a detailed explanation about its various features and how to use it. We are at your disposal for further information as our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Therefore, we look for the best possible solutions to contribute to the success of your project. We make the most to equip you with a modern and practical video system.

Our mission is the success of your project


Custom video system Longueuil

We proceed with your video system installation in three distinct phases :

  • After choosing the right location
  • We do all the connection and wiring
  • And lastly perform various tests on the equipment

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