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New Products 2022

We are pleased to announce new LED lighting products. These aluminum profiles will optimize your lighting design.

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If you have ambitious new projects, you can always contact us, and we will be happy to select and design a product that meets your expectations. 

New products 2022 :

Lighting Systems Installation South Shore of Montreal

New product: New generation outdoor and indoor speakers

Out Back MK2 speakers are designed to deliver :

  • Rich, full sound Speakers can be subjected to temperature changes and exposure to high humidity
  • Ease of installation on various surfaces
  • Sealed, salt-tested marine grade enclosures
  • Rugged and extremely weather resistant for all seasons
Installation de systèmes d’éclairage Rive-Sud de Montréal

New product: amplifier with bluetooth wireless technology

  • 2×30W Class D wall plate amplifier with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • 3.5 mm analogue stereo input
  • 4 ohm / 8 ohm stable
  • Supports automatic source switching with priority for the Bluetooth enabled source
  • Three-minute link loss timer function
  • Integrates easily into a single-gang low-voltage housing

New product: RGBW LED

The NTTLC-24W-RGBW-24 V is equipped with 6 pcs 4 in 1 RGBW Cree which combines durability and efficiency. The quality of the materials and the design of the product give you maximum light output in lux and energy efficiency in lumens/watt.

Designed for performance and durability, this product allows for a myriad of innovative lighting solutions :

  • Architectural lighting of buildings, facades
  • Lighting of various infrastructures
  • Ponds, statues and more,
  • Columns
Audio Systems Installation South Shore of Montreal

Multi-room sound system or multi-room 

We prefer wired ceiling speakers. The audio source can be wireless, and the system can be controlled using a phone or tablet.

This also avoids having to install volume controls in every room. If your home is not being renovated or built, then wireless speakers are an interesting option.

New Product: DEVA Advanced Multimedia System

As an advanced multimedia device, Deva is a convergence of several devices that can be easily deployed anywhere, allowing automated and direct interaction with the audience.

Its camera, high-powered speaker and multiple sensors are designed to complement each other and interact with third-party applications to provide a range of services from security to information and entertainment.

New product: Festoon light strings

A decorative string light system (warm white, cool white, amber) that brings the elegance of vintage string lights to any event.  The ropes and bulbs have an IP43 rating, so they are perfect for outdoor use. Festoon vw has a programmable pixel pattern function so you can express your creativity.

Each bulb holder has eyelets for quick and easy assembly. This product is even more versatile and convenient with its USB D-FI compatibility for wireless master-slave or DMX control.

Even without DMX, you can create incredible lighting with built-in automated programs and stand-alone non-DMX controls from the optional digital display or IRC-6.

A variety of other decoration options such as paper lanterns can be hung on festoon to change the design.

Custom LED lighting installation South Shore of Montreal

New product: Proud distributor of SONOS audio systems

Sonos – Wireless Audio System

Enjoy clear, beautifully detailed sound that fills the room at any volume. Easy to use. Listen your way.

Now available at Elite-inc.

Video Systems Installation and Electronic Editing South Shore of Montreal

New Product: Ultra-HD 4K LED screen

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