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Custom LED lighting. Highlighting the decors and textures with strips and profiles for all types of applications

We have been working in commercial, live and film projects ever since the arrival of LED.

Over the years, we have developed extensive experience in the sector. We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations and use quality and approved products.

Below are some of our completed commercial projects. Entrust us with your airport, clinic, office, restaurant/bar, coffee shop, filming, institutional projects.

Multi-room sound system.

We favour wired ceiling speakers and wireless audio sources. The control unit may be a wireless device such as a telephone or a tablet. This also avoids installing volume controls in each room. If you are not renovating your house or building a new one, then wireless speakers are an excellent option.

Custom DEL lighting, highlighting.

We have been working in commercial, live and film projects ever since the arrival of LED and well before it became popular with the general public.

Over the years, we have developed extensive experience in the sector. We are always on the lookout for the latest innovations and use quality and approved products.

Below are some of our completed residential projects, from Magog and Tremblant to Rivière-Beaudette and Joliette.

Hook Climbing Centre

Sale and installation of sound systems at Hook climbing centre in Sainte-Julie. We used 2 central columns to install the 8 loudspeakers in the main area and some ceiling lights in the locker rooms and reception area.  Entertainment, competition, group party and guest DJ.

Sound system at Collège Stanislas

Public address system for cafeterias, game room, break rooms, Dojo and gymnasiums. All rooms are fully equipped to receive general calls and appeals. They are also equipped with microphones and other sources to host any type of event (entertainment, sports competitions, meetings, etc.).

The gymnasiums' loudspeakers are protected by custom-made gilles. All installations are compliant with rigorous safety standards to ensure the protection of students and staff.

Doug Harvey Arena Montreal. Professional sound system

We took into account all specifications and constraints before making any proposals:  the desired results, the location and height of the loudspeakers, the range of distance, the obstacles, the structure of the building and the budget.

We assessed the different options and studied the specifications of available equipment before installing durable quality loudspeakers. An important consideration was the coverage of the material to ensure optimal and uniform sound dispersal in the bleachers. Audio jacks were integrated to enable the use of different sources.

Vocal transparency was just as important as the music. We also installed loudspeakers near the ice rink for free skating and other events.

After a complete renovation, La Piazzetta St-Hilaire is now open. Below are some photos of the construction works. We have repositioned all loudspeakers and added a few more so that we now have a total of 23. 

We have replaced the main element with a Symetrix digital processor that streams music in 7 zones: the terrace, the toilets, dining rooms 1 and 2, the bench seat, the bar and the entrance. Good luck to the whole team at La Piazzetta.

The donor wall at the Montréal Neurological Institute was officially inaugurated last Thursday. Several distinguished guests were present at this event. É-lite inc. handled the design and electronic setup of the project. 

We installed the LEDs and programmed the footage as requested by Lemay. Below are a few photos of the installation and a video of the complete footage.

For this project, we installed PAudio's OPALine loudspeakers. This equipment has a horizontal coverage of 100 degrees and vertical coverage of 10 degrees to disperse sound towards the nave and minimize reflected acoustic radiation.

We also replaced the old speakers in the choir, rood screen and two more halls. Besides, several sockets have been installed for the musicians and choir. The whole system is controlled by an Allen @ Heath Qu-Pac.

We replaced the previous sound system with modern loudspeakers. A J-series 5K line array dBTechnologies system consisting of 8 speakers for Hi’s and 3 SUB KS10 arranged in cardioids at the centre of the stage to counter the power alleys. The calibration was done by Bruno Ruffolo from Sonopro.

Dermapure relied on the expertise of É-lite inc. for the repair of its sound system.

14 zones, each with volume control.

The sound used to crackle and cut in and out intermittently. Several zones were not working, while the volume control in others was out of order.

We fixed all problems within a few hours and restored the sound and volume control everywhere.

Thank you, Dermapure, for trusting us!

A superb gourmet grocery store will soon be opening at 1865 rue Notre-Dame in Lachine.

A new brand has been launched STATION ANGUS marché urbain.

Good luck, Brahm and Lorin!

On this project, we collaborated with Amélie Parent from Espace Ambiance and Christian Jalbert from INTER-LED.

Thank you for trusting us!

SONOS, wireless multi-room sound solutions now available at É-lite inc.

Élite inc. installed tailor-made DMX LED strips for the shooting of Macy’s commercial.

We used more than 80 metres of 10-Watt DEL strips, controlled with the new generation Flicker-free LUX DRIVE.

É-lite inc. is your trusted partner whether you wish to display your products in a waiting room, entertain or inform your clients, host sporting events or present information from your computer or tablet at a conference.

Whether for a video wall or sharing information within a network, we will gladly attend to all your needs.

Audio System Installation Montréal South Shore

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